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Week 1 – Glamfa artist – Lisa Diane Wedgeworth



Though I am not an art fanatic, I still enjoy looking at what people create with their minds and their artistic talents in drawing.  I’ve been to many museums in London, Paris, and Amsterdam and have seen many paintings and drawings, yet there are so much more arts out there that are still captivating.  Going through the GLAMFA art gallery enable me to once again get in touch with art.  I was captivated by this art because it isn’t flashy in color, looks vague but still meaningful.  

Lisa Diane Wedgeworth said that she took inspiration from “personal and collective memories.”  Her arts depicted are what she calls Celestial bodies.  She talks about the gravitational pulls of the celestial and earthly “which has influence on our relationships, our behaviors and, ultimately, our psyche.”  I believe that she thinks there are relationships between us and everything around us, which pulls us together like gravity.  Her art depicts it, to me, through the use of black and white paint, where white means gravity and black means earthly.  

This kind of painting is unique which I have never seen before, which interested me.  If you want to check out her website visit http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/Wedgeworth_2014.html

Can’t wait to see other arts!