Week 3-Kickstarter

Aviation, the world of flying through the sky.  It’s so magical and beautiful.  Who’d ever thought we’d be able to fly through the sky?  That’s all thanks to the Wrights brothers.  However, we are not here to talk about them, but to talk about this amazing idea of allowing people to see through the eyes of a pilot.  I’ve always been interested in flying and always have the wonder of what it’s like to be a pilot and to be able to see what they see!  From military to commericial to private, we can see and understand it all!  This idea is great because it brings to the public that being a Pilot is an amazing career choice.  People don’t tend to understand much about aviation, though it’s been around for such a long time!  I think that Daniel Shulte has has a great motive behind this and I hope people will be able to enjoy this.


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