Week 3- Artist Interview- Jesse Lubben

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Wow!  Simply just Magnificent piece of work that instantly caught my eyes from the start.  This weeks artist interview (which I did not get the opportunity to interview with) is Jesse Lubben.  His works just fascinated me from the start since it is so unique!  I didn’t know much about him so I had to find him from the Daily 49er.  Jesse’s a Fine Art’s major and his main focus is with photography.  His influence for this type of art is through his study abroad program to China.  For his art, he came up with the term “photosomatic.” (photo-actual picture, somatic- represent wall or body of the structure)

His type of art process is quite intensive and can take up to 8 hours to complete.  “Lubben creates his images by cutting, folding and sculpting photographic prints from his, which he then re-photographs, sometimes repeating the process several times.” (Daily 49er)  His goal for the viewer is to not let them just see the environment side of the photos (since his pictures are from the environment: trees, rocks, trails, etc.)  He want’s people to think outside the box.  “I don’t think, ‘oh, this is just a tree bark on a trail I’m passing,’” Lubben said. “Think about the ideas of chemical reactions and the geological process and all the time that has led this object to be here.” (daily 49er)

To me I think the art is beautiful and meaningful as well.  We normally overlook the beauty of our environment since we are so busy all the time.  Lubben was able to catch the beauty through his camera and from that he created something magnificent and makes viewers in awe.


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