Wk 1- Student Interview- Angelica Camacho




As a first year at CSULB transfer student, it takes a lot of courage for me to step outside of my comfort zone to make new friends.  Luckily there’s one particular classmate in Art 110, who’s name is Angelica Camacho, made it really easy to talk to and make friends with.  At first we would look at the same arts and quickly we started to chat. In matter of minutes, we became comfortable with each other, sharing our summer experiences and, goals, hobbies, work, and school life.  Angelica is a very interesting person to get to know.  

First off, she’s a graduate from Santa Fe High School, class of 2013.  She’s a second year at CSULB and the second in her family to go to CSULB.  She goes to school and also work at Knott’s Berry Farm as a part time.  She’s a dedicated student and a hardworking student at that, too.  Not many people can handle having to work and go to school full time and still bring in the good grades.  She has the strive to become independent from her family and she’s hoping to move out and live a life of freedom and no restrictions from family rules.  

She’s an Hispanic girl that knows little Spanish.  She told me that she thinks of maybe becoming a Spanish teacher, since she really wants to learn her native language.  I think she should; she can definitely teach me some Espeñol.  However, she’s still an undeclared major; she doesn’t know what she wants to do as a career choice just yet.  But there’s no rush, she’s still young, of only 18, heading to 19 years old next month!  She doesn’t know where she wants to go in life, but she has set her mind into achieving stability and having a family.

Her favorite hobbies are to read, write, and play the tenor sax (which she had already played for 7 years).  She enjoys arts, especially surreal arts.  She loves going to museums and art galleries.  She even went to a Museum in San Diego over the summer!  

She loves to travel one day.  A few of the places she wants to visit are Sweden and Brazil.  She loves going to places that have trees, birds, animals, etc.  She loves nature; heck, she even owns birds!  

Angelica is a sweet girl, but don’t let that fool you.  Get on her bad side and you will regret it.  She’s temperamental; so don’t be dumb around her!  

Overall, I really enjoyed talking to Angelica for an hour and getting to know a bit about her.  She’s interesting to get to know, and I hope you guys would share the same experience as I did!


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