Week 3-Kickstarter

Aviation, the world of flying through the sky.  It’s so magical and beautiful.  Who’d ever thought we’d be able to fly through the sky?  That’s all thanks to the Wrights brothers.  However, we are not here to talk about them, but to talk about this amazing idea of allowing people to see through the eyes of a pilot.  I’ve always been interested in flying and always have the wonder of what it’s like to be a pilot and to be able to see what they see!  From military to commericial to private, we can see and understand it all!  This idea is great because it brings to the public that being a Pilot is an amazing career choice.  People don’t tend to understand much about aviation, though it’s been around for such a long time!  I think that Daniel Shulte has has a great motive behind this and I hope people will be able to enjoy this.


Week 3- Artist Interview- Jesse Lubben

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Wow!  Simply just Magnificent piece of work that instantly caught my eyes from the start.  This weeks artist interview (which I did not get the opportunity to interview with) is Jesse Lubben.  His works just fascinated me from the start since it is so unique!  I didn’t know much about him so I had to find him from the Daily 49er.  Jesse’s a Fine Art’s major and his main focus is with photography.  His influence for this type of art is through his study abroad program to China.  For his art, he came up with the term “photosomatic.” (photo-actual picture, somatic- represent wall or body of the structure)

His type of art process is quite intensive and can take up to 8 hours to complete.  “Lubben creates his images by cutting, folding and sculpting photographic prints from his, which he then re-photographs, sometimes repeating the process several times.” (Daily 49er)  His goal for the viewer is to not let them just see the environment side of the photos (since his pictures are from the environment: trees, rocks, trails, etc.)  He want’s people to think outside the box.  “I don’t think, ‘oh, this is just a tree bark on a trail I’m passing,’” Lubben said. “Think about the ideas of chemical reactions and the geological process and all the time that has led this object to be here.” (daily 49er)

To me I think the art is beautiful and meaningful as well.  We normally overlook the beauty of our environment since we are so busy all the time.  Lubben was able to catch the beauty through his camera and from that he created something magnificent and makes viewers in awe.

Week 3- Classmate interview-Kevin Lee


This week, I had the pleasure of meeting an awesome fellow name Kevin Lee.  Kevin is a first year student at CSULB with a business degree in mind.  He is Chinese, and lives in Cerritos.  He asked me how many siblings I have, and I told him I have 9 others, and he was taken aback, and was shocked.   I asked him how many he has and he told me he only had 1.  I asked if it was boring at home with having only 1 older brother, and he told me sometimes, but its good because he is close to his older brother.  But that’s enough about some hard facts, let’s delve deeper into what his life is about and what his interests are!

Kevin Lee loves pets.  He has tons of it as well.  For instance, he has tons of fishes, and a few dogs.  He is intending to get a cat and a lizard soon.  I think that’s pretty insane and awesome since I’ve always wanted a pet, but can’t have.  His favorite sport to play is basketball.  I wasn’t surprise since he’s so tall!  It’s interesting since my favorite sport to play and watch is also basketball!  He loves to eat.  His favorite cuisines are Asian style foods, especially sushi and any kind of noodles!

In his daily life, he loves to listen to R&B and Hip Hop songs.  In his spare times, he loves to watch t.v. shows.  His favorites thus far are Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead.  Quite surprisingly, I love those shows too!  We spent a bit of time talking about the shows during our “interview.”  His favorite movies thus far are Kickass and Neighbors.  I also really enjoyed Kickass; however, I haven’t had the opportunity to watch Neighbors.  I heard from others and Kevin that its’ a movie worth watching!  Can’t wait to see it!

Overall, I think Kevin is an interesting person to talk to and he is quite fun as well!  I hope many students have the opportunity like me to be able to get to know him better!

Week 1 – Glamfa artist – Lisa Diane Wedgeworth



Though I am not an art fanatic, I still enjoy looking at what people create with their minds and their artistic talents in drawing.  I’ve been to many museums in London, Paris, and Amsterdam and have seen many paintings and drawings, yet there are so much more arts out there that are still captivating.  Going through the GLAMFA art gallery enable me to once again get in touch with art.  I was captivated by this art because it isn’t flashy in color, looks vague but still meaningful.  

Lisa Diane Wedgeworth said that she took inspiration from “personal and collective memories.”  Her arts depicted are what she calls Celestial bodies.  She talks about the gravitational pulls of the celestial and earthly “which has influence on our relationships, our behaviors and, ultimately, our psyche.”  I believe that she thinks there are relationships between us and everything around us, which pulls us together like gravity.  Her art depicts it, to me, through the use of black and white paint, where white means gravity and black means earthly.  

This kind of painting is unique which I have never seen before, which interested me.  If you want to check out her website visit http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/Wedgeworth_2014.html

Can’t wait to see other arts!

Wk 1- Student Interview- Angelica Camacho




As a first year at CSULB transfer student, it takes a lot of courage for me to step outside of my comfort zone to make new friends.  Luckily there’s one particular classmate in Art 110, who’s name is Angelica Camacho, made it really easy to talk to and make friends with.  At first we would look at the same arts and quickly we started to chat. In matter of minutes, we became comfortable with each other, sharing our summer experiences and, goals, hobbies, work, and school life.  Angelica is a very interesting person to get to know.  

First off, she’s a graduate from Santa Fe High School, class of 2013.  She’s a second year at CSULB and the second in her family to go to CSULB.  She goes to school and also work at Knott’s Berry Farm as a part time.  She’s a dedicated student and a hardworking student at that, too.  Not many people can handle having to work and go to school full time and still bring in the good grades.  She has the strive to become independent from her family and she’s hoping to move out and live a life of freedom and no restrictions from family rules.  

She’s an Hispanic girl that knows little Spanish.  She told me that she thinks of maybe becoming a Spanish teacher, since she really wants to learn her native language.  I think she should; she can definitely teach me some Espeñol.  However, she’s still an undeclared major; she doesn’t know what she wants to do as a career choice just yet.  But there’s no rush, she’s still young, of only 18, heading to 19 years old next month!  She doesn’t know where she wants to go in life, but she has set her mind into achieving stability and having a family.

Her favorite hobbies are to read, write, and play the tenor sax (which she had already played for 7 years).  She enjoys arts, especially surreal arts.  She loves going to museums and art galleries.  She even went to a Museum in San Diego over the summer!  

She loves to travel one day.  A few of the places she wants to visit are Sweden and Brazil.  She loves going to places that have trees, birds, animals, etc.  She loves nature; heck, she even owns birds!  

Angelica is a sweet girl, but don’t let that fool you.  Get on her bad side and you will regret it.  She’s temperamental; so don’t be dumb around her!  

Overall, I really enjoyed talking to Angelica for an hour and getting to know a bit about her.  She’s interesting to get to know, and I hope you guys would share the same experience as I did!